According to independent lab tests, these masks filter out 97.4 percent of airborne particles

Masks are still the best line of defense against COVID-19, especially when paired with other social distancing measures. N95 masks are, of course, the ideal, but they should be reserved for medical professionals working the frontlines. While there are plenty of alternatives to N95 masks, many are made overseas and aren’t FDA-authorized. Plus, their supply chain is often a mystery.

Enter the Bluegrass Masks Disposable Cup-Shaped, Multi-Layer Face Masks, which are made in the USA. According to independent lab tests, these disposable masks filter out 97.4 percent of 3-micron airborne particles. That’s better than some 3M N95 masks (and far cheaper, too).

The mask has three made-in-the-USA layers. (Photo: Amazon)

The masks have three layers: the inner and outer are both comprised of breathable, nonwoven fabric, and the middle layer is a meltblown, electrostatically charged PP filter. They’re designed for comfort, too: The cup shape allows for more breathing room inside the mask, and won’t collapse as you breathe in and out. An aluminum noseband makes the mask easy to adjust, plus the metal is encased in thick, ultrasoft foam so it won’t dig in to the bridge of your nose.

The facial coverings come in two styles: One is made with knitted polyester, and the other with natural rubber latex. Both come in a set of 10, and cost just $18. While they’re not authorized by the FDA, they have been independently tested.

“I am amazed at the quality and comfort of these masks,” one shopper shared. “I can truly wear these all day! They’re so good that at some point in the day I almost didn’t even realize I had a mask on. The straps and adjustable nose piece make it a great fit even though I have a small head. They are super durable and I’m proud to buy such a quality mask made in the

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