About 8 percent people who are senior citizens live in Dhaka. Right now, 1000 of these elderly people can accidentally fall down in the bathroom or may severely fall sick. Then doctor can treat the broken bones or disease. But patient’s feeding, daily nursing and everyday habit should must be guided by an expert and qualified nurse.

With an aim to ensure nursing for every citizen, Treatment Network introduces a platform where patients can make video call to B.Sc nurses. Within a short, Dhaka city people palliative care in home will be available by Nurses Pool- junior nurse.

Habiba Rahman

B.Sc nurses, Faridpur Nursing Institute

Annon Sultana

B.Sc nurses, Ad-din N.I., Ad-din Hospital

Anika Rahman

B.Sc nurses, North East Nursing College

Aficana Yasmin

B.Sc nurses, TMMC Nursing College