Treatment expenditure in country increased by 70pc

Rising health care costs are a major public health issue. Patients are going abroad for better treatment in spite of having almost all facilities in country. The reason behind the tendency is lack of confidence on doctors, revealed in the awareness workshop of ‘Bangladesh Disease Specific Accounts’.

It is a must to ensure the best utilization of assets in the health sector to lessen the expenditure from people’s own pockets. According to the research of Health Economics Unit (HEU) of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Bangladesh, in 2012 per head treatment expenditure in Bangladesh was $37. Of them, government bears $9 and other donor organizations bear $4 and rest of the $24 is expended from citizens’ pockets.

The study said, due to the corruption and having gap in the planning taken to reduce expenditure of citizens in healthcare, treatment expenditure has been upturning by 70 percent instead of decrease.

Those who are suffering from several diseases, becoming impoverished while bearing treatment expenditure. The study said, in average 5 to 8 thousand Bangladeshi citizens go India for treatment after losing trust on the native doctors. The HEU believes that the universal healthcare will be properly ensured if the asset of health sector is appropriately utilized and the satisfaction of service receivers is achieved.

The awareness workshop was presided by Dr Gopendra Nath Acharya, Divisional Director of Health while Dr. Md. Shahadat Hossain Mahmud, Director General (Additional Secretary), HEU, was the Chief Guest.

Fatema Zohara, DD, Health Economics Unit, was present among others in the workshop.

The speakers said that general people are now bound to spend much money in the health sector. It is time to bring the treatment expenditure down and solve all the problems after identification.

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